LPDDR4 products provide fast memory access for embedded microprocessors

Kingston LPDDR4 products operating at 1.1 V save power while supporting high data throughput. These DRAM devices are supplied in a space-saving FBGA package.  

Kingston discrete LPDDR4 DRAM memory devices are ideal for use in embedded applications that require high-speed Read and Write capability combined with low power consumption. The devices operate from a supply voltage of just 1.1 V.  


These fast DRAM products are supplied in a 200-ball FBGA package which has a footprint of 10.0 mm x 14.5 mm, and which is just 1.0 mm high, making it possible to configure the board layout to place the memory close to the microprocessor that it supports.  


These Kingston LPDDR4 products offer high performance in demanding embedded applications: they provide a data-transfer rate of 3,733 Mbits/s, and feature an 8-bit prefetch pipelined architecture. 

Part number


Operating-temperature range


8 Gbits

-25°C to 85°C


16 Gbits

-25°C to 85°C


8 Gbits

-40°C to 95°C


16 Gbits

-40°C to 95°C


  • Differential clock inputs  
  • Cyclic redundancy code (CRC) on Write operations  
  • Supports programmable preamble for read and write  
  • Supports asynchronous Reset pin  
  • Temperature-controlled auto-refresh mode 
  • Low-power auto self-refresh mode  
  • Fully conforms to the JEDEC LPDDR4 specification  


  • Industrial: 
    • IoT devices 
    • Robotics 
    • Factory automation 
  • Communications equipment: 
    • 5G networking equipment 
    • Routers 
    • Mesh networking devices 
    • Mobile phones 
  • Commercial: 
    • Office equipment 
    • Vending machines 
    • ATMs 
  • Medical devices 
  • Smart home devices  
  • Smart city equipment 

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