Murata — GRM Series Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors

Franchised for Americas and EMEA.

Murata GRM Series Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitors

Compact MLCCs enable OEMs to optimize circuits based on downsized devices

The GRM series multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) from Murata, which are notable for their combination of small size and large capacitance values, enable OEMs to optimize circuit designs while maintaining supplies for volume production.


Suppliers of MLCCs, the most widely used type of capacitor, have faced rocketing demand from very large manufacturers in the automotive, mobile phone, IoT and vehicle electrification markets. This has led to industry-wide strain on the supply chain for MLCC products. 


To keep up with increased global demand, Murata has invested heavily in production capacity. But even with the benefit of this additional capacity, it is still essential for customers to implement downsizing, modifying their designs to use the smaller devices which take up the majority of capacitor manufacturers’ production capacity.


The GRM series products’ small size and high capacitance allow OEMs to implement downsizing with the smallest possible number of components.


Murata’s volume production of the GRM series of MLCCs is configured as follows:

  • Industrial/commercial grade: migration to the 0402 case size and smaller
  • Automotive grade: migration to the 0603 case size and smaller
  • For high capacitance values, MLCCs with the smallest case sizes available have to be used

Murata will maintain production plans for existing products in the GRM series, and Murata will continue supplying its products in larger case sizes to support customers’ existing product designs.


Future Electronics Account Managers are available to advise customers on securing supplies of MLCCs for current and new designs.

Features GRM Series

  • Size range: 0.25 mm x 0.125 mm to 5.7 mm x 5.0 mm
  • Capacitance range: 0.10 pF to 330 μF


  • General purpose

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Murata is not franchised in Asia.

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