Industry’s smallest low-noise current-sense resistors offer ultra-low heat dissipation


Design of PRL series from Susumu features long side terminals to minimize noise and maintain high signal integrity in sensitive electronics circuits

Susumu offers a family of current-sense chip resistors which have long side terminals to provide low equivalent series inductance. The PRL series resistors are ideal for use in high-frequency systems, in which unwanted noise generated by electronics components can impair signal integrity.


The equivalent series inductance of the PRL series is so small that high signal integrity is maintained without generating extra noise. The Susumu current-sense resistors also offer market-leading heat distribution and dissipation, resulting in a lower temperature increase as a proportion of applied power.


The PRL devices are supplied in two configurations, with longer and shorter side terminals.



  • Low size/power rating ratio
  • Excellent current-surge tolerance
  • Offered in sizes ranging from 0402 to 4320
  • Resistance range: 1 mΩ to 100 Ω
  • Resistance tolerance as low as ±0.5%


  • Industrial equipment
  • Consumer devices

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