Industrial MCUs offer robust combination of security, high performance and peripherals

The XMC7000 MCUs from Infineon, with multi-core architecture, provide a rich set of communications interfaces and analog functions. System operation is supported by robust hardware security capabilities.

Infineon provides an ideal option for developers of high-end industrial applications who require a robust, low-power and high-performance 32-bit microcontroller backed by a comprehensive set of system software and development tools.  


The new XMC7000 MCU family includes versions with either a single or dual Arm® Cortex®-M7 core, supported by a 100 MHz Cortex-M0+ processor. The new XMC™ MCUs feature up to 8 Mbytes of Flash memory and 1 Mbyte of on-chip SRAM.  


A rich set of peripherals includes a CAN FD interface and 16- and 32-bit timer/counter PWMs in both the XMC7100 and XMC7200. The XMC7200 devices also have a Gigabit Ethernet communications interface. Alongside the advanced peripheral set, the XMC7000 family also offers robust security features. These include a hardware cryptography engine.  


The MCUs are able to operate in harsh environments across a temperature range of -40°C to 125°C. Power-saving modes, which bring operating current as low as 8 μA, make these MCUs ideal for power-constrained applications.  


ModusToolbox™ software 

Built on Infineon’s low-power 40 nm process technology, the XMC7000 MCUs are compatible with the latest Infineon ModusToolbox™ 3.1 development platform. This platform provides a common development experience across Infineon products, including PSoC™ MCUs, AIROC™ Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® networking modules, and EZ-PD™ PMG1 MCUs. The ModusToolbox tools package includes: 


  • Desktop programs that enable the developer to create new embedded applications, manage software components, and configure device peripherals and middleware. 
  • Embedded development tools for compiling, programming, and debugging the application 
  • Extensive collection of GitHub-hosted repositories of code examples, board support packages, middleware, and application support 





Arm Cortex-M7 Options 

Package Options 


Up to 4 Mbytes 

Up to 768 kbytes 

250 MHz single or dual core 

100-, 144- or 176-pin TQFP 

272-pin LFBGA 


8 Mbytes 

1 Mbyte 

350 MHz single or dual core 

176-pin TQFP 

272-pin LFBGA 


  • Supply-voltage range: 2.7 V to 5.5 V  
  • Read-while-write Flash memory capability 
  • Three SAR ADCs 
  • SMIF interface 
  • SDHC interface 


  • EV chargers 
  • Light electric vehicles 
  • Robotics 
  • Programmable logic controllers  
  • Battery management systems 
  • Motor-control systems 
  • Industrial drives 

Evaluation kit

Part supported: XMC7200D 

Kit part number: KIT_XMC72_EVK 

Board Club search term: Microcontrollers 

The XMC7200 evaluation kit enables engineers to evaluate the XMC7200D microcontroller, which combines a single or dual 350 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M7 core as the primary application processor and a 100 MHz Cortex-M0+ core for system functions. The XMC7200D for industrial applications is a programmable embedded system-on-chip, offering: 

  • Low-power operation 
  • Up to 8 Mbytes of Flash and 1 Mbyte of SRAM 
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface 
  • CAN FD interface 
  • SDHC interface 
  • Programmable analog and digital peripherals  


Infineon ModusToolbox™ software supports application development using the XMC7200 evaluation kit by providing a board support package and validated code examples. 


Key features: 

  • Supports system implementation thanks to a Gigabit Ethernet transceiver and connector, CAN FD transceiver, user LEDs, buttons, and potentiometer 
  • M.2 interface connector for AIROC™ radio modules  
  • Headers compatible with Arduino shields 
  • KitProg3 on-board SWD programmer/debugger, USB-to-UART, and USB-to-I2C bridge functionality through USB connector 
  • Digilent dual PMOD SMIF header  
  • 512 Mbit external QSPI NOR Flash memory 


Kit contents: 

  • XMC7200 evaluation board 
  • USB Type-A to Micro-B cable 
  • 12 V/3 A dc power adapter with additional blades 
  • Six jumper wires  
  • Quick start guide 

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