onsemi — NCP1095 Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) Controller

onsemi NCP1095 Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) Controller

PoE controller now certified compliant with latest 802.3bt standard for 90 W power

The NCP1095 power-over-Ethernet (PoE) controller from onsemi, formerly known as ON Semiconductor, has been certified fully compliant with the IEEE 802.3bt standard for power delivery (PD) devices.


The new 802.3bt standard allows up to 90 W to be supplied. This higher power load produces higher power loss in the interface. To address this issue, onsemi maximizes the overall efficiency of systems based on the NCP1095 or the related NCP1096 PoE controller.


In a PoE powered device, higher efficiency can be achieved with an active polarity bridge and an efficient PD interface IC. onsemi has promoted the inclusion of active bridge topologies in the test protocols for the new 802.3bt standard. Measurements on an NCP1096 evaluation board with FDMQ8025A GreenBridge2 active polarity bridges show that power transfer efficiencies of higher than 99% can be achieved.


The NCP1095 and NCP1096 can handle up to 100 W of power, giving ample headroom for IEEE 802.3bt-compliant 90 W applications. The NCP1095 operates via an external pass FET, while the NCP1096 has an integrated FET which has low on-resistance of 70 mΩ.


To reduce idle mode power consumption, a short Maintain Power signature is employed in the NCP1095 and NCP1096, making it possible to easily conform to the specifications of the latest standby power standards at the system level.


  • Standards compliance:
    • IEEE 802.3af
    • IEEE 802.3at
    • IEEE 802.3bt
  • Types 1 to 4 classification and auto-classification
  • Fixed inrush current
  • Auxiliary power supply detection
  • Protection functions:
    • Under-voltage lock-out
    • Over-current
    • Over-temperature


  • Digital signage
  • Satellite data networks
  • Connected lighting
  • Video and VoIP telephones
  • Security cameras
  • Pico base stations
  • Multi-band access points
  • USB Type-C power adaptors

Evaluation Board

Board Part Number: LIGHTING-1-GEVK

The Connected Lighting Platform from onsemi includes a PoE power module, the LIGHTING-POWER-POE-GEVB, which provides reliable, high-power Ethernet connectivity and a power supply to LEDs of up to 90 W at efficiency higher than 99%. The PoE power module is powered by the onsemi NCP1096, which provides all the functions required in a PoE system such as detection, classification, and current limiting during the inrush phase.

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