Panasonic Industry — PAN9028 Wireless Module
Panasonic Industry

Panasonic Industry PAN9028 Wireless Module

Dual-band Wi-Fi/Bluetooth radio module combines high data rates and low-power operation

Panasonic Industry has introduced a dual-band 2.4 GHz/5 GHz 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi® radio module with integrated Bluetooth® wireless functionality.


The 802.11ac capability of the new module enables it to offer faster data throughput than previous products: operating via a 1×1 spatial stream and with 80 MHz channel bandwidth, it supports download data rates of up to 433 Mbits/s.


The PAN9028’s simultaneous and independent operation of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth protocols provides applications with a combination of a high data rate via the Wi-Fi radio and low-power operation via the Bluetooth Low Energy radio.


The module provides a complete, integrated platform for running wireless applications. It includes a power management IC, a fast dual-core CPU and high-speed data interfaces including SDIO 3.0 and a high-speed UART. The PAN9028 implements the Bluetooth 5.0 core features including Bluetooth Basic Rate, Enhanced Data Rate and Low Energy functions.


Security is another key feature of the PAN9028: complying with the IEEE 802.11i security standard, the module implements AES cryptography, CCMP, and other security mechanisms.


Panasonic Industry stores transmit power calibration data and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth system parameters on the PAN9028 one-time-programmable memory during production. This simplifies the certification process for the designer. The module requires far less design, testing and calibration effort than discrete solutions, helping OEMs to achieve a faster time to market with new product designs.


Based on the NXP Semiconductors 88W8987 wireless chipset, the PAN9028 module is supplied with a host controller interface and Linux® operating system drivers.


  • -97 dBm sensitivity at 1 Mbit/s
  • +16 dBm maximum Transmit power in 802.11b mode
  • 320 mA Wi-Fi radio Transmit current
  • 60 mA Wi-Fi radio Receive current
  • Surface-mount package dimensions: 24 mm x 12 mm x 2.8 mm
  • Operating-temperature range: -30°C to 85°C


  • Industrial equipment
  • Appliances
  • Smart meters
  • Home gateways

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