RECOM — RPX-4.0 Series Buck Converter Modules
RECOM RPX-4.0 Series Buck Converter Modules

RECOM RPX-4.0 Series Buck Converter Modules

Miniature buck converter module supplies 4 A output

RECOM has extended its RPX series of miniature buck converter modules with new devices which supply a 4 A output, to allow engineers to reduce the size of their designs without sacrificing power or maximum temperature tolerance. The RPX-4.0, housed in a thermally-enhanced QFN package, has a 5.0 mm x 5.5 mm footprint and is only 4.1 mm high.


The module operates over an input-voltage range of 3.8 V to 36 V, which means it is suitable for use with 5 V, 12 V, or 24 V regulated or unregulated power rails. The output voltage may be set with two resistors to values between 1 V and 7 V.


The product features on-off control, a power-good signal, and soft start. Protection functions include under-voltage, short-circuit, over-current, and over-temperature.


The module is based on the RECOM 3D Power Packaging® technology which offers increased power density, allowing for full-power operation up to 65°C, and derated operation up to 90°C. It includes a flip-chip-on-leadframe construction, an integrated shielded inductor for low EMI, and intelligent control of switching frequency to maintain high efficiency even at light loads.


Apart from the voltage-setting resistors, the only other external components required are input/output capacitors.


  • 87% efficiency
  • Three-year warranty
  • ±0.4% load regulation
  • ±0.15% line regulation
  • 30 mVp-p output ripple and noise


  • Industrial automation
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Portable devices
  • High-density or weight-sensitive applications

Evaluation Kit

Kit part number: RPX-4.0-EVM-1

The RPX-4.0-EVM-1 generates a constant output voltage selectable between 1.0 V and 7 V from a dc input in the range 4 V to 36 V dc. It supplies a maximum continuous output current of 4.0 A. The board contains the filter components needed to comply with EMC Class B. Other component positions are available to allow experimentation with EMC performance.


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