STMicroelectronics — MDmesh DM6 MOSFETs

STMicroelectronics MDmesh DM6 MOSFETs

High-voltage power MOSFETs provide outstanding switching and conduction performance

The MDmesh™ DM6 series of superjunction power MOSFETs are the latest power MOSFETs from STMicroelectronics to feature a fast-recovery body diode for use in full-bridge phase-shifted zero-voltage switching (ZVS) topologies.


These MOSFETs, which have 600 V or 650 V breakdown voltage ratings, offer very low recovery charge and time, and feature on-resistance as much as 15% lower than the previous generation of MDmesh parts. These features enable power-system designers to reduce switching and conduction losses, and so achieve higher efficiency in ZVS topologies.


The MDmesh DM6 MOSFETs are also notable for their ability to withstand high dV/dt events. This gives reliable performance even when exposed to large voltage transients such as noise and harmonics on AC power lines.


The DM6 series includes the STO67N60DM6, a 600 V N-channel MOSFET which has a 58 A rating. On-resistance is a maximum 59 mΩ. The gate threshold voltage is 4.0V.


This MOSFET is housed in a TO-LL type A2 package which measures 9.9 mm x 11.7 mm. 


  • Low gate charge
  • Low input capacitance
  • 100% avalanche tested
  • Zener diode protection


  • Dc-dc converters
  • Switch-mode power supplies

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