TE Connectivity — 830M1 Three-Axis Accelerometer
TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity 830M1 Three-Axis Accelerometer

Triaxial accelerometer offers wide measurement bandwidth

The 830M1 triaxial analog accelerometer from TE Connectivity (TE), which offers wide measurement bandwidth and high resolution, is ideal for vibration monitoring in industrial machines. The 830M1 can play an important role in the condition monitoring and preventive maintenance regimes applied in modern factories to improve the efficiency, lower the operating cost, and reduce unplanned downtime of factory machinery.


As well as supporting condition monitoring, the 830M1 is also suitable for embedded vibration monitoring, impact and shock monitoring, data logging, bearing and shaft monitoring, and security monitoring.


The 830M1 measurement bandwidth of up to 15 kHz is complemented by highly stable piezoelectric sensing technology, giving minimal long-term drift and maintaining high accuracy over time.


The sensor is supplied in a hermetic IP68-rated LCC-12 package for easy installation and protection against harsh environmental conditions. The device includes an RTD temperature sensor.


  • Acceleration-measurement range: ±25 g to ±2,000 g
  • Frequency-response range: 2 kHz to 15 kHz ±3 dB
  • <5% cross-axis sensitivity
  • Operating-temperature range: -40°C to 125°C


  • Industrial equipment

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