Lumex — QuasarBrite SMD-LXR1204RGBC-TR RGB LED

Lumex QuasarBrite SMD-LXR1204RGBC-TR RGB LED

Digital side-view surface-mount RGB LED saves space with built-in driver

The QuasarBrite™ SMD-LXR1204RGBC-TR LED from Lumex is a space-saving surface-mount red/green/blue (RGB) LED which includes a built-in driver.


The driver is able to perform 8-bit linear PWM control on each of the three channels to produce any required color output. Sample code supplied by Lumex eases the development of software for controlling the built-in driver. The LED can also be used with a discrete Lumex digital LED controller IC, offloading the LED control function from the host microcontroller.


The SMD-LXR1204RGBC-TR’s integrated driver functionality helps to simplify the host system’s circuit design and board layout, eliminating the need for discrete driver components. Designers who use the SMD-LXR1204RGBC-TR can also save board space: the device with its driver is housed in a compact package which has a 3.0 mm x 1.5 mm footprint, and is just 1.0 mm high. A single GPIO pin can be used to manage up to 1,024 SMD-LXR1204RGBC-TR units.


Because of the small board footprint of the SMD-LXR1204RGBC-TR and the simple board layout it supports, equipment manufacturers can use it in unusual or irregular form factors, including a halo ring, and rigid or flexible strips, as well as with non-standard board shapes and materials.

Color Channel

Peak Wavelength

Light Intensity


630 nm

47 mcd


520 nm

92 mcd


470 nm

38 mcd


  • 5 mA drive current for each color
  • Water-clear lens
  • 130° viewing angle


  • Industrial equipment
  • Consumer devices
Lumex — QuasarBrite SMD-LXR1204RGBC-TR RGB LED

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