Panasonic Industry — EKMBxx10 and EKMCxx10 PIR Sensors
Panasonic Industry

Panasonic Industry EKMBxx10 and EKMCxx10 PIR Sensors

PIR sensors with flat, square lens have discreet low profile

Panasonic Industry has extended its EKMB and EKMC series of Passive Pyroelectric Infrared (PaPIRs) motion sensors with a new low-profile product which features an inconspicuous flat and square 9.6 mm x 9.6 mm lens. These new PaPIR sensors have a 10.9 mm profile which gives manufacturers an opportunity to create new, discreet designs which hide the normally obtrusive motion detector from view.


The new flat and square products join the existing EKMC family sensors, which draw an operating current of 170 µA, and the EKMB family for battery-operated devices. EKMB sensors run on an operating current of 1 µA, 2 µA, or 6 µA. Mounted on walls, ceilings, or corners, the flat and square PaPIRs sensors offer a typical detection range of 5 m.


All PaPIRs products are available with a digital output and preset sensitivity, or with an analog amplifier output which allows for adjustment of the sensitivity. The sensors are composed of the lens, an optical filter to block non-infrared light, pyroelectric sensing elements, and an impedance converter which provides an electrical output signal.


In addition, Panasonic Industry also integrates an amplifier and comparator circuit on the same sensor ASIC in the stem block, an architecture which saves space and allows for electromagnetic shielding of all circuitry while reducing component count. A high signal-to-noise ratio ensures that the sensors avoid false triggering events.


The EKMC and EKMB PIR sensors are available with a white, black, or pearl-white lens.


  • High reliability
  • High thermal stability
  • Ambient-temperature range: -20°C to 60°C


  • Lighting controls
  • Thermostats
  • Smart home equipment
  • Smart LED bulbs
  • IoT devices
  • IP cameras
  • Surveillance systems
  • Digital signage

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