Renesas — M30xx316 MRAM Products

Renesas M30xx316 MRAM Products

New MRAM products with parallel interface offer ultra-fast data access

Renesas has introduced new asynchronous non-volatile magnetoresistive RAM (MRAM) devices with a 16-channel parallel interface, complementing its existing range of serial MRAM products.


The M30xx316 products’ interface is compatible with standard SRAM and parallel NOR Flash interfaces, allowing easy integration into existing system designs. The new Renesas MRAM memory devices are available with capacities ranging from 4 Mbits to 32 Mbits.


MRAM is a type of memory which stores data in cells made of magnetic elements. Renesas MRAM products use a proprietary technology, with perpendicular magnetic-tunnel-junction spin-transfer torque, to produce a non-volatile memory which combines long data retention with fast Read and Write operation via either a serial or parallel interface.


Capable of operating at high temperature, the MRAM products are well suited to applications ranging from factory automation equipment requiring fast retrieval of back-up data, to medical data units which call for long-term data storage. The fast operation of Renesas MRAM provides for fast recovery from power blackouts or failures, and ensures quick reversion to last trusted states.


The M30xx316 parts offer better performance and features than competing MRAM, ferroelectric RAM (FRAM) and non-volatile SRAM products. They feature low active write and read currents, high magnetic field immunity to ensure reliable operation in industrial environments, and data retention of longer than 20 years at 85°C.


  • Operating-temperature range: -40°C to 105°C
  • High endurance: Over 1016 program/erase cycles
  • Multiple data protection functions


  • Industrial control systems
  • Power meters
  • Multi-function printers
  • Gaming equipment
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Enterprise storage systems
Renesas — M30xx316 MRAM Products

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