Easy-to-use RF networking system simplifies wireless control of lighting installations

Philips MasterConnect from Signify North America is a fully integrated wireless system for controlling LED luminaires. Based on standard RF technologies, MasterConnect provides for seamless interoperability and easy control via the mobile app.

Philips MasterConnect from Signify North America enables lighting components to work seamlessly together to provide all the benefits of lighting automation, while removing the difficulty of connecting products from different manufacturers.  


Based on the standard Bluetooth® Low Energy and Zigbee protocols, MasterConnect guarantees the reliable interoperability of luminaires, drivers, sensors, switches, and gateways. A Zigbee network connects luminaires to Xitanium drivers, and to peripheral devices such as wireless switches and occupancy sensors. The Bluetooth Low Energy network connects luminaires to the user’s smartphone, enabling easy commissioning and control of the system via the Philips MasterConnect smartphone app.  


A MasterConnect lighting network is easy to set up and configure. Luminaires can be installed, added and commissioned via the mobile app. No specific tooling or extensive training are needed. This saves time and money by enabling installers to configure a wireless connected network in the field without any IT hassles. And once the control network is set up, it works independently and requires no manual input. 


MasterConnect enables lighting operators to create many configurations of connected system 

using the same suite of components, from simple stand-alone systems to a sophisticated gateway solution. In addition, Signify is continually adding new features to its products and improving the performance of the app and firmware. Over-the air updates keep components up to date with the latest firmware.  


The system is also flexible enough for installers or lighting operators to upgrade, enhance and expand a connected lighting scheme at any time.  


  • Compatible Philips hardware products include:  
    • Xitanium drivers 
    • Xitanium SR FlexTune drivers for tunable white lighting 
    • EasyAir SN54 wireless node 
    • EasyAir SN52 wireless sensors 
    • EasyAir SNH210MC/SNHB210MC motion/daylight sensors 
    • EasyAir Occu/Occu-DL occupancy sensors 


  • Office lighting  
  • Commercial lighting 
  • Retail lighting  
  • Industrial lighting 



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