New superjunction MOSFET technology gives improved efficiency and switching behavior


Part of a new MDmesh M6 family, the 600 V STD10N60M6 N-channel superjunction power MOSFET, from STMicroelectronics, gives higher efficiency and more effective switching behavior in switching power converters.

The new MDmesh™ M6 power semiconductor technology builds on the previous generation of MDmesh superjunction MOSFET products to give higher efficiency in switching power converters. The new M6 technology combines low gate charge and an optimized capacitance profile with improved on-resistance. MOSFETs based on the technology enable power-system designers to achieve higher levels of efficiency and power density when used in resonant topologies.


Offering breakdown voltage options of 600 V and 650 V, MDmesh M6 power MOSFETs are available in a wide range of package options. The MDmesh M6 technology has for instance been implemented in a new superjunction MOSFET, the STD10N60M6. This is a 600 V, N-channel power MOSFET which features on-resistance of 520 mΩ. Housed in a DPAK package, the STD10N60M6 is rated for a maximum continuous drain current of 6.4 A.


  • Low switching losses
  • Low gate-input resistance
  • 100% avalanche tested
  • Zener diode protection


  • Switching power converters
    • LLC converters
    • Resonant converters
    • Boost PFC converters
ST_STD10N60M6PowerMOSFET - Device

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