Vishay — VCNL36825T Proximity Sensor

Vishay VCNL36825T Proximity Sensor

Low power consumption makes new proximity sensor ideal for consumer and industrial applications

Vishay has introduced a fully integrated proximity sensor which offers exceptionally low power consumption. In low-power mode sampling every 320 ms, the VCNL36825T sensor draws just 6.63 µA.


The sensor is suitable for use for object detection in consumer and industrial robots. Its small size, the package measures just 2.0 mm x 1.25 mm x 0.5 mm, also means that it can be accommodated inside small battery-powered consumer devices such as earbuds and wireless headsets. The VCNL36825T is 76% smaller than Vishay’s previous generation of proximity sensors. A small aperture of 1.6 mm diameter increases design flexibility.


The VCNL36825T includes a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) 940 nm infrared emitter, a photodiode receiver, a signal-processing IC, and a 12-bit ADC. The programmable interrupt function allows designers to specify high and low thresholds, thus reducing the number of interactions with the host microcontroller and saving power.


  • 200 mm detection range
  • Intelligent cancellation eliminates cross-talk
  • 12-bit proximity sensor resolution
  • Immunity to red glow
  • Programmable VCSEL sink current
  • Sunlight cancellation up to 100 klux
  • I2C interface


  • True wireless stereo earphones
  • Virtual/augmented reality headsets
  • Toys
  • Robots

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