C&K – MPSR Series Ruggedized Magnetic Proximity Sensor

C&K MPSR Series Ruggedized Magnetic Proximity Sensor

Magnetic proximity sensors provide rugged and fl¬exible options for non-contact position and proximity detection in a wide range of applications.

These sensors can reliably detect magnetic fields through a variety of non-magnetic surfaces. Magnetic proximity sensors offer non-contact object detection beyond the normal limits of products such as inductive sensors. They offer long sensing ranges within a small package size, and they can be positioned in different locations through the use of a wiring harness.


Featuring a ruggedized aluminum housing and a stainless steel cable, the MPSR Series provides unmatched sensing in dirty environments. With an operating life of at least 2 million actuations, the sensor offers reliable and accurate remote monitoring in spite of dirt, dust, oil, grease, water, and other potential contaminants that would degrade performance of other sensor assemblies.


Form A (SPST) contacts provide a simple two-wire standard solution for zero leakage current sensing. The additional option of Form C (SPDT) switching provides two outputs that can be toggled to offer additional feedback capabilities, design-in flexibility (use either the NC or NO contacts as you or your customers prefer). Enabling quick, easy and cost-effective installation in any environment, the MPSR Series is ideal for automotive, factory automation, industrial, IoT, security, and other applications.


Check out which MPSR model is right for your application!


  • Long life – 2M operations
  • Hermetically sealed contacts
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Form A (SPST) & C (SPDT) contacts w/ 3W (0.2A@15VDC) rating
  • Zero leakage current
  • Ruggedized housing


  • Remote monitoring
  • Anti-tamper detection
  • Security
Article Image C&K MPSR Series Ruggedized Magnetic Proximity Sensor

C&K’s magnetic proximity sensors provide rugged and flexible options for non-contact position and proximity detection in a wide range of applications

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