TE Connectivity — Heavy Duty Connector HMN Modular System
TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity Heavy Duty Connector HMN Modular System

Cat 5e and power connector modules withstand harsh conditions

TE Connectivity (TE) has expanded its Heavy Duty Connector (HDC) HMN modular system for industrial robotics and automation applications, and for equipment which operates in harsh environments.


The new TE Connectivity products are the HMN D3-2/6 shielded data modules, which support Cat 5e data connections, and the compact HMN 3/4 modules which combine power and signal connections in a single modular insert.


Fully compatible with the rest of the HDC HMN connector system, the modules can be used to make hybrid cable connections between control cabinets and robots, or between movable parts on an automated production line.


The HMN D3-2/6 product is available with two or six contacts in each circular insert, and up to three inserts in a single HMN module. This enables manufacturers to develop high-density Ethernet connections. Each Ethernet pair is shielded to maintain high signal integrity. The contacts are rated for a current of 1.2A and a voltage of 30V.


The HMN 3/4 module has three power contacts with a current rating of 40A, and four signal contacts with a rating of 10A. The connector voltage rating is 830V. This design makes the module a robust solution for motor drives and brakes.


  • Operating-temperature ranges:
    • HMN D3-2/6: -20°C to 125°C
    • HMN 3/4: -40°C to 125°C
  • Standards compliance:
    • IEC 60512
    • EN 60352-2
    • IEC 60068
    • IEC 60529
    • EN 61984


  • Robotics
  • Data connections
  • Motor and brake systems
  • Automation equipment
  • Machinery
TE Connectivity — Heavy Duty Connector HMN Modular System


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