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Robust USB-A connectors offer 3A rating for fast-charging applications

GCT supplies three USB-A connectors which feature a high 3A current rating and offer the robust mechanical strength required to support thousands of mating cycles. The 3A capability, twice that of comparable products, enables designers to use these connectors in products which perform fast battery charging.


The three products in the GCT High Durability USB-A connector portfolio are:
• USB1135 – USB-A 3.0 horizontal configuration, rated for 20,000 mating cycles
• USB1086 – USB-A 3.0 vertical configuration, rated for 20,000 mating cycles
• USB1130 – USB-A 2.0 horizontal configuration, rated for 10,000 mating cycles


The connectors’ stainless steel construction gives high retention force, and the strength to support repeated mating and unmating operations. The USB1130 is six times more durable than a standard USB-A 2.0 connector, while the USB1135 and USB1086 are twice as durable as standard USB-A 3.0 connectors.


USB-A connectors typically have a nickel-plated brass shell: the use of this material typically causes tabs’ retention force to decline. By contrast, the GCT High-Durability USB-A connectors’ upgraded shell in SUS201 stainless steel offers superior tab elasticity.


  • Top-mount through-hole configuration
  • Two kinked shell stakes ensure retention in PCB during assembly
  • 35N maximum mating force
  • Minimum unmating forces:
    • USB1135 and USB1130: 10N
    • USB1086: 8N
  • 30V voltage rating
  • Operating-temperature ranges:
    • USB1135 and USB1130: -25°C to 85°C
    • USB1086: -40°C to 85°C


  • Charging equipment in public places
  • Transportation charging outlets
  • Mission-critical devices
  • In-vehicle charging
  • Consumer electronics devices

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