Hirose Electric

Hirose Electric DF40GL Series FPC-to-Board Connector

Shielded FPC-to-board connector offers secure connection and easy unmating

Hirose Electric has introduced the DF40GL series, a shielded Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC)- to-board connector which supports high-speed signal transmission at rates up to 10Gbits/s, enabling its use in products conforming to the specifications of the USB 3.1 Gen 2 standard. At just 3.68mm deep, the DF40GL occupies a small board mounting area.


The robust, metal-blade lock has a sliding mechanism to provide a secure connection. This is ideal for applications which must be able to withstand drop impacts. A positive tactile click can be felt when mating to confirm correct engagement. The connector can be unlocked with the push of a finger.


Metal shields are fixed around the edges of the receptacle housing to provide excellent protection against EMI. The ground contacts and metal fittings at each side of the housing provide secure grounding.


The guide ribs allow a wide self-alignment range of 0.4mm in the x and y directions to simplify mating. The user-friendly connector offers an effective mating length of 0.45mm, providing high contact reliability.


The DF40GL connector is part of the DF40 family of high-speed FPC-to-board connectors. The DF40 range offers designers various options for shielding, locking mechanisms and heat resistance.


  • 44 contacts
  • 0.4mm contact pitch
  • 0.35A current rating
  • 30V AC/DC rated voltage


  • Automotive systems
  • Medical equipment
  • Portable devices
Hirose Electric - DF40GL

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