Infineon IM828-XCC Intelligent Power Module

1,200V/20A three-phase IPM provides excellent efficiency in high-power motors

Infineon’s IM828-XCC is an Intelligent Power Module (IPM) based on Silicon Carbide (SiC) CoolSiC™ MOSFETs which provides extremely efficient operation and low power losses in the inverter stage of a motor-drive circuit.


By using the CIPOS™ Maxi IM828-XCC IPM to implement a motor’s power stage, designers can increase system reliability, reduce the board footprint, and lower system costs. The CIPOS Maxi products are particularly well suited to power applications, because they offer good thermal performance and electrical isolation, as well as EMI-safe control and overload protection.


The IM828-XCC implements a three-phase inverter with SiC MOSFETs which have on-resistance of 55mΩ. They are combined in the IPM with an optimized, six-channel Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) gate driver to provide excellent electrical performance. The body diodes of the CoolSiC™ MOSFETs may be used as free-wheeling diodes: turning on the MOSFET during body-diode conduction in synchronous-rectification converters helps to reduce power losses.


The IM828-XCC IPM is supplied in a dual inline molded package which has a 36mm x 23mm footprint.

Infineon — IM828-XCC Intelligent Power Module


  • Motor power rating up to 4.8kW at 10kHz
  • Protection functions:
    • Over-current shut-down
    • Under-voltage lock-out on all channels
    • Cross-conduction prevention
  • Built-in NTC thermistor for temperature monitoring
  • Programmable fault-clear timing and Enable input
  • UL recognized


  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning units
  • Industrial motor drives
  • Motor-control systems

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Evaluation Board

The EVAL-M1-IM828-A evaluation board is a ready-to-use power stage for a three-phase motor. It features a 1,200V IM828-XCC IPM. The board is equipped with an MADK M1 20-pin interface connector to be used with a matching iMOTION™ MADK control board. The EVAL-M1-IM828-A is recommended for use in systems operating from a 380V-480V AC mains voltage to provide an inverter board offering 8kW of output power with fan cooling.

Infineon — IM828-XCC Intelligent Power Module Evaluation Kit