Monolithic Power Systems

Monolithic Power Systems MP6600L Stepper Motor Driver

Integrated driver IC saves space in low-voltage stepper motor designs

The Monolithic Power Systems MP6600L is a stepper motor driver which implements current regulation and includes a built-in voltage translator.


Helping to reduce component count and simplify the board layout, the MP6600L features two internal full-bridge drivers, and includes a current sensor, eliminating the need for external sense resistors. Supplied in a 4mm x 4mm QFN package, the MP6600L is a space-saving, cost-effective solution for bipolar stepper motor drives.


The MP6600L operates from a supply-voltage range of 4.5V-35V, and can supply current of up to 1.5A to the motor. The device can operate a bipolar stepper motor in full-, half-, quarter-, or eighth-step mode.


Protection functions implemented in the driver include over-current protection, input over-voltage protection, under-voltage lock-out, and thermal shut-down.


  • Low on-resistance:
    • 195mΩ at the high-side power switch
    • 170mΩ at the low-side power switch
  • Simple logic interface
  • Automatic current decay
  • Fault indication output


  • Industrial equipment
  • Consumer electronics

Evaluation Board

Board part number: EV6600-R-00A


This evaluation board for the MP6600 operates from a supply voltage of up to 35V and can supply motor current up to 1.5A. It can operate a bipolar stepper motor in full- half-, quarter-, and eighth- step modes.

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