Nexperia BUK7V4R2-40H / BUK9V13-40H MOSFETs

New transistor half-bridge saves space and reduces parasitic inductance in powertrains and motors

Nexperia has introduced a series of dual N-channel MOSFETs – BUK7V4R2-40H and BUK9V13-40H – in a half-bridge configuration which are housed in a compact LFPAK56D package, giving designers a convenient way to reduce board footprint and simplify the board layout compared to the use of two single MOSFETs.


The new Nexperia BUK7V4R2-40H and BUK9V13-40H are AEC-Q101 qualified 40V MOSFETs for use in automotive applications. Nexperia also supplies the PSMN4R2-40VSH and PSMN013-40VLD 40V dual MOSFETs for industrial applications. The MOSFET half-bridge package is also footprint-compatible with the dual Power-SO8 package. 


LFPAK56D Package

The LFPAK56D half-bridge package offers substantial advantages over a typical half-bridge arrangement composed of discrete MOSFETs in a standard LFPAK package. In a typical three-phase motor with half-bridge drivers, the PCB connection between the source of the high-side MOSFET and the drain of the low-side MOSFET outside the LFPAK package creates parasitic inductance, and occupies space on the PCB.


By contrast, the Nexperia LFPAK56D half-bridge configuration features an internal copper clip connection, creating 60% less parasitic inductance and using 30% less board space, while also freeing up an Output pin. This package format uses flexible leads to improve board-level reliability, and an internal copper clip connection between the MOSFETs simplifies the PCB design and improves current-handling capability.


  • >60A maximum drain current
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Footprint-compatible with LFPAK56D dual
  • External leads support Automated Optical Inspection


  • Three-phase automotive powertrain applications
    • Fuel, oil and water pumps
  • Motor-control systems
  • DC-DC converters
  • Brushless or brushed DC motor drives
  • LED lighting
  • Space-constrained industrial applications
    • Handheld power tools
    • Portable appliances

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