ON Semiconductor

ON Semiconductor T6 MV MOSFET Family

Low-voltage MOSFETs with low on-resistance reduce power losses in BLDC motor drives

The T6 MV family of MOSFETs from ON Semiconductor features shielded gate technology which gives the devices among the lowest on-resistance values of any 30V-, 40V- or 60V-rated products on the market. The MOSFETs’ low on-resistance enables manufacturers to realize compact, light and highly efficient brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive designs.


As well as producing low on-resistance, the shielded gate also makes the T6 MOSFETs more rugged, giving superior reliability and better EMI performance.


All the T6 MV parts are offered in multiple package options, from a standard SO8-FL to more advanced power-clip or dual-cool packages. Across the T6 MV family of MOSFETs, ON Semiconductor gives the designer numerous options for on-resistance values in the same footprint. This enables manufacturers to scale performance up or down across a portfolio of end products with little redesign effort.


ON Semiconductor operates reliable, high-volume manufacturing facilities to ensure a reliable supply of parts to motor manufacturers.


  • Low input capacitance
  • Operating-temperature range: -55°C to 175°C


  • BLDC motors
  • Battery management and protection
  • Power supply ORing
  • DC-DC converters
  • Secondary synchronous rectification

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