Panasonic SF-M Series Safety Relays

Slimmer safety relays offer designers opportunity to shrink applications

The new SF-M series of safety relays from Panasonic are intended for use in automated production and machine tool applications. Measuring 14mm x 33mm, and 7.8mm high, the SF-M relays are ideal for space-constrained PCB designs and applications with tight headroom.


In addition, the SF-M safety relays offer energy savings: operating power is just 270mW, and coil holding power is 100mW.


The SF-M relays have a 1 Form A 1/Form B contact arrangement so that the switches can be used independently, to reduce cost and component count. The contacts are forcibly guided to comply with IEC 61810-3 (EN 50205). If welded, they provide the minimum 0.5mm contact gap required for safety circuits.


The SF-M relays are available in flux-resistant reflow mountable (RTII) or sealed (RTIII) packages.


  • Coil-voltage range: 3V to 24V DC
  • Operating current: 90mA to 11mA
  • Maximum switching voltage: 250V AC, 125V DC
  • UL/C-UL CSA recognized
  • TÜV/CSA certified


  • Robotics
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Industrial equipment
  • Machine tools

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