STMicroelectronics A1C15S12M3 Power Module

1,200V modules offer integrated solution for driving industrial motors

STMicroelectronics’ A1C15S12M3 power module provides a complete inverter power stage for high-voltage motors, enabling OEMs to reduce development time and simplify board layouts.


Implementing a Converter-Inverter Brake (CIB) topology, the A1C15S12M3 module is supplied in an ACEPACK™ 1 package with NTC temperature sensor. This offers a compact solution for simple, efficient and rugged industrial motor designs.


The module features a 1,600V three-phase bridge rectifier, 1,200V/15A IGBTs, and diodes. It also includes an extra IGBT for applications which require fast braking.


The IGBTs benefit from the advanced trench-gate field-stop technology from ST, which provides the best compromise between conduction and switching loss to maximize the efficiency of any converter system operating at switching frequencies up to 20kHz.


The ACEPACK 1 package offers the option of solder-free press-fit connections, which provide for a simpler assembly process than conventional soldered pins, and metal screw clamps which enable fast and reliable mounting.


  • 175°C maximum junction temperature
  • 5kV minimum isolation voltage
  • Soft- and fast-recovery diode
  • Low stray inductance


  • Industrial motor drives
  • Three-phase inverters for motor drivers

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