STMicroelectronics — STM32G431 Microcontroller

STMicroelectronics STM32G431 Microcontroller

32-bit MCU provides high-performance control for BLDC and other motor types

The STM32G431 32-bit microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics are based on the high-performance Arm® Cortex®-M4 32-bit RISC core, and operate at a frequency of up to 170 MHz.


These MCUs include two 16-bit PWM timers dedicated to motor control. The devices are suitable for the control of three-phase, low-voltage and low-current brushless dc (BLDC) or permanent magnet motors. An ST development platform marries the STM32G431 with the STSPIN830 motor driver to provide a complete solution for motor control.


The STM32G431 MCU processor core implements a full set of digital signal-processing instructions and a memory protection unit. The devices also embed several protection mechanisms for embedded Flash memory and SRAM, including:

  • Read-out protection
  • Write protection
  • Secure memory area
  • Proprietary code read-out protection


The core also features a single-precision floating-point unit which supports all the Arm single-precision data-processing instructions and all the data types.


The STM32G431 devices embed 128 kbytes of high-speed Flash memory, and 32 kbytes of SRAM. These MCUs also offer an extensive range of enhanced I/Os and peripherals.


Analogue provision includes two fast 12-bit ADCs, four comparators, three operational amplifiers, four DAC channels, an internal voltage-reference buffer and a low-power real-time clock.


The devices feature maximum operating-temperature ratings of up to 125°C, and run from a 1.7 V to 3.6 V power supply. A comprehensive set of power-saving modes allows the design of low-power applications.


  • True random number generator (RNG)
  • CRC calculation unit
  • 96-bit unique ID
  • Multiple communications interfaces:
    • Three I2C
    • Three SPI multiplexed with two half-duplex I2S
    • Three USARTs
    • UART and low-power UART
    • FD CAN
    • Serial audio interface
    • USB


    • Home appliances
    • E-bikes
    • Air-conditioning units
    • Industrial equipment
    • Rechargeable devices
    • Drones
    • Toys
    • Servers
    • Telecoms equipment
    • Electric vehicle charging stations
    • Instrumentation and measurement equipment

Evaluation Board/Development Kit

Part Number: P-NUCLEO-IHM03

The P-NUCLEO-IHM03 STM32 motor-control pack is a kit composed of the X-NUCLEO-IHM16M1 board, the NUCLEO-G431RB board, a GBM2804H-100T brushless gimbal motor, and a dc power supply. This platform provides a motor-control solution for three-phase, low-voltage and low-current brushless dc or permanent magnet motors. It is based on the STSPIN830 driver and the STM32G431RB MCU.

STMicroelectronics — STM32G431 Microcontroller

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