Vishay Power Metal Strip Current-Sense Resistors

Surface-mount current-sense resistors provide stable resistance tolerance

Vishay’s mid-sized surface-mount Power Metal Strip® resistors in 2726, 3921, 4026, and 5931 case sizes offer high power ratings up to 15W and stable performance over a wide temperature range.


Benefiting from an all-welded construction, the mid-sized Power Metal Strip resistors are ideal for all types of current-sensing, voltage-division and pulse applications including switch-mode and linear power supplies, instrumentation, power amplifiers, and shunts. Excellent sulfur resistance makes them suitable for use in high-sulfur atmospheres.


Compared to thick-film resistors, the Vishay Power Metal Strip resistors offer superior temperature stability of as little as 75ppm, and better temperature de-rating, while they provide higher power ratings than thin-film types and are less affected by solder-joint stress. They are also not sensitive to ESD.


The Power Metal Strip resistor design is superior to commercial-foil resistor designs, offering better pulse performance and lower resistance values.


The mid-sized Power Metal Strip resistor range includes the WSL/WSLT/WSLP2726 and WSL/WSLT/WSLP4026 products in 2726 and 4026 case sizes. These resistors feature a four-terminal design which provides improved temperature stability and a tolerance of as little as ±1% across resistance values between 0.2mΩ and 5.0mΩ. Power capability ranges from 3.0W to 12.0W.


The Vishay mid-sized Power Metal Strip resistor portfolio also includes the WSL/WSLT/WSLP3921 products which offer lower-profile alternatives to the 2726/4026 series. These products feature resistance values ranging from 0.1mΩ to 4mΩ and power ratings up to 15W.


  • AEC-Q200 qualified parts available
  • Very low inductance
  • <3µV/°C thermal EMF
  • Pulse capability


  • Automotive systems:
    • Electric vehicles
    • Conventional electronics and controls
    • Automotive intelligence
  • Industrial
  • Consumer devices
  • Computing
  • Medical equipment
  • Network and telecoms infrastructure
  • Avionics

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