WAGO MCS MAXI 16 – 832 Series of Wire-to-Board / Wire-to-Wire Connectors

Save assembly time of high-power electronics devices

WAGO’s MCS MAXI 16 – 832 Series of wire-to-board and wire-to-wire pluggable connectors work with levers to enable reliable connections to be made quickly by hand without the need for any tools. Ideal for the manual assembly of high-power electronics systems, the MCS MAXI connectors have a current rating of up to 76A and a voltage rating of up to 1,000V, and can be used with conductors sized at up to AWG 4.


The MCS MAXI connector uses a cage clamp which is actuated by a lever. A stripped wire is inserted into the enlarged conductor entry point, then the lever is pulled down to clamp the conductor firmly in place. If the lever is down, the connection has been made. The MCS MAXI can be used with solid or stranded conductors with or without ferrules. The enlarged conductor entry point enables the use of conductors a size up from the connector’s nominal conductor size.


The connector design makes mismating impossible. The compact interlocking on the female connector offers the option to protect the connection against unintentional disconnection. The female connector is easy to handle and compatible with all standard male connectors. The connection automatically interlocks when plugged in.


The MCS MAXI pluggable connectors can also be custom coded. They are coded internally in the male connectors with the coding visible from the outside. This means they may be recoded even when mated without needing to adjust the housing. Male and female headers are coded without any additional tools, using a symmetrical coding key pin to minimize the number of accessories needed.


The MCS MAXI family of connectors is available for connections at 0⁰, 90⁰ or 180⁰ to the PCB, and with from two to six poles.


  • Conductor sizes: AWG 18 to AWG 4
  • IEC/EN 60664-1 compliant
  • Operating-temperature range: -60°C to 120°C


  • Drives, motors and controllers
  • Robots
  • Wind turbines
  • Inverters, converters and transformers
  • Filters
  • Electronic circuit breakers
  • Redundancy/buffer modules

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