Inductors offer low resistance and high current capability

Families of power inductors that feature low dc and ac losses are ideal for use in dc-dc converter applications based on power ICs from Monolithic Power Systems.

Monolithic Power Systems supplies surface-mount power inductors for use in power supply and power conversion applications alongside the company’s range of power converter and controller ICs.  


The molded and semi-shielded series inductors are available in a range of inductance values from 0.33 μH to 47 μH, and with saturation current ratings up to 64 A. 


The MPL-SE semi-shielded power inductors are shielded by an external magnetic epoxy resin to give good magnetic characteristics. They feature low dc resistance and are rated for high current capacity. 


The MPL-AT/-AY/-AL series of molded power inductors offers soft saturation due to the 

molded design, and provide stable behavior at high temperatures. The molded construction decreases the audible noise generated by alternating currents and pulse-wave frequencies. 


The MPL-AT and MPL-AY series inductors offer low dc resistance, and can handle high currents. The MPL-AT series features a very low profile.  


The MPL-AL series offers even lower dc resistance. It has a flat-wire construction, which provides higher current ratings for better performance than round-wire molded inductors. 


  • Operating temperature up to 155°C
  • Sample kits available


  • Power converters for high-current power supplies 
  • High-performance power converters 
  • Battery powered devices 
  • Power supplies for mobile devices 

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