Renesas — RAA2230xx AC-DC Buck Converters

Renesas RAA2230xx AC-DC Buck Converters

700 V buck regulators combine low power consumption with excellent EMI and noise suppression

The Renesas RAA2230xx series of 700 V ac-dc buck regulators offers superior power consumption and excellent noise and EMI suppression, while reducing external component count and system cost.


These regulators consume only 10 to 30 mW when idle, helping system designers to comply with tightening regulations governing standby power. The RAA2230xx regulators feature a unique switching algorithm which minimizes EMI and eliminates audible noise such as humming or whining which can affect competitor solutions.


Operating from a universal input-voltage range of 20 V to 305 V ac, the RAA2230xx regulators can supply an output as low as 3.3 V. This eliminates the need for a second-stage low drop-out regulator in offline power supplies, saving bill-of-materials cost and board space.


The RAA2230xx regulators combine constant off-time control for heavy loads with pulse frequency modulation (PFM) for light-load operation. The constant off-time scheme controls switching frequency above the audible frequency of approximately 50 kHz. PFM eliminates audible noise while offering superior light-load efficiency and low standby power consumption.


The RAA2230xx regulators’ conversion efficiency is up to 80%.

Part Number

 Maximum Output Power

Switching Frequency


4 W

33 kHz


2 W

52 kHz


8 W

33 kHz


  • Output-voltage range: 3.3 V to 54 V
  • Less than 100 μA quiescent current
  • Protection functions:
    • Short-circuit
    • Overload
    • Open feedback
    • Over-temperature


  • Home appliances
  • Home automation
  • IoT devices
  • Sensors
    • Smoke alarms
    • Gas sensors
  • Power meters
  • Industrial controls
  • Bias power for:
    • Offline switch-mode power supplies
    • Motor drives

Evaluation Kits

Board Part Number: RTKA223021DE0010BU

The RAA223021 evaluation board is a high-voltage flyback converter which performs isolated ac-dc conversion from an input-voltage range of 85 V to 265 V ac, supplying a 12 V output voltage and output current of up to 1 A.

Board Part Number: RTKA223021DE0000BU

This RAA223021 evaluation board is a high-voltage buck converter which performs non-isolated ac-dc conversion from an input-voltage range of 85 V to 265 V ac, supplying a 12 V output voltage and an output current of up to 667 mA.

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