STMicroelectronics — STGAP2SICSN SiC MOSFET Gate Driver

STMicroelectronics STGAP2SICSN SiC MOSFET Gate Driver

Isolated gate driver for SiC MOSFETs offers robust performance

The STMicroelectronics STGAP2SICSN is a specialized single-channel gate driver for controlling silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs. Supplied in a space-saving, narrow-body SO-8 package, it offers robust operation and high-performance switching.


Featuring galvanic isolation between the gate-driving channel and the low-voltage control signal, the STGAP2SICSN operates at voltages up to 1,700 V on the high-voltage rail. Input-to-output propagation time of less than 75 ns provides for accurate operation of PWM-controlled switching.


High common-mode transient immunity of ±100 V/ns over the entire operating-temperature range helps the power-system designer to maintain highly reliable operation.


Two optional configurations are available, giving a choice of separate outputs which allow turn-on and turn-off times to be independently optimized using an external resistor, or a single output with active Miller clamp function. The single-output configuration enhances stability in high-frequency hard-switching applications, taking advantage of the Miller clamp to prevent excessive oscillation of the power switch’s gate voltage.


The STGAP2SICSN inputs are compatible with CMOS/TTL logic down to 3.3 V, simplifying connection to a host microcontroller or DSP.


The driver can sink and source up to 4 A at a gate-driving voltage up to 26 V. An integrated bootstrap diode simplifies design and enhances reliability. A shut-down mode with a dedicated Input pin helps to minimize system power consumption.

STMicroelectronics — STGAP2SICSN SiC MOSFET Gate Driver


  • Under-voltage lockout protection optimized for SiC MOSFETs
  • Interlocking function to eliminate cross-conduction
  • Thermal shut-down


  • EV charging systems
  • Switch-mode power supplies
  • High-voltage power factor correction
  • Dc-dc converters
  • Uninterruptible power supplies
  • Solar power
  • Motor drives
  • Fans
  • Factory automation
  • Home appliances
  • Induction heating

Evaluation Boards

STMicroelectronics — STGAP2SICSN SiC MOSFET Gate Driver

Board Part Number: EVSTGAP2SICSN

The EVSTGAP2SICSN half-bridge board enables evaluation of the STGAP2SICSN when driving a half-bridge power stage with a voltage rating up to 520 V.



Board Part Number: EVSTGAP2SICSNC

The EVSTGAP2SICSNC half-bridge board enables evaluation of the STGAP2SICSN when driving a half-bridge power stage with a voltage rating up to 520 V.

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