Hirose Electric — HR30 Circular Connectors
Hirose Electric

Hirose Electric HR30 Circular Connectors

Miniature waterproof plastic circular connectors feature IP67/68 ratings

Hirose Electric has introduced the HR30, a series of miniature waterproof plastic circular connectors for use outdoors and in electronic equipment which requires an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of IP67 or IP68. The HR30 range consists of small, lightweight plastic plugs, including the overmold type of plug, receptacles, jacks and accessories.


Hirose Electric supplies the HR30 series in various configurations:

  • The 3- and 6-contact versions are in a 12.6mm diameter shell
  • The 10- and 12-contact versions are in a 15.5mm diameter shell

Further options include solder-bucket, crimp or through-hole contacts.


The innovative connector design incorporates gaskets, seals and built-in strain relief. A simple push-pull locking mechanism securely locks the mated connectors. Mating is confirmed by an audible click. The connectors are simply pushed together and then quickly and easily disconnected by pulling on the plug release collar, which has grooves for improved grip. Minimal tooling is required.


White arrows and multiple polarizing keys ensure correct alignment and mating engagement.


  • 5A current rating
  • Rated voltage:
    • 100V AC/140V DC: 3 or 6 contacts
    • 30V AC/42V DC: 10 or 12 contacts
  • Cable sizes:
    • AWG 20-22: 3 contacts
    • AWG 26-30: 6, 10 and 12 contacts
  • Operating-temperature range: -25°C to 85°C
  • 1,000 mating cycles


  • Servo motors
  • Industrial robots
  • Satellite positioning devices
  • Measurement instruments
  • LED lighting

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