Panasonic — AQV25_G3 Series PhotoMOS® Relays

Panasonic AQV25_G3 Series PhotoMOS® Relays

High-capacity optical relays rated for high load currents

The AQV25_G3 series PhotoMOS® products from Panasonic are optically isolated relays in a compact DIP package which support high continuous load currents. Panasonic also supplies the AQV25_G3S series relays, which are housed in a miniature SOP package measuring 6.3mm x 4.4mm x 2.1mm.


The AQV25_G3 and AQV25_G3S relays offer excellent specifications, making them suitable for use in place of mercury or electro-mechanical relays. With a 1 Form A contact arrangement and high capacity ratings, these relays can be used in industrial and building automation applications, and in test and measurement equipment. 


The AQV25_G3 relays are supplied in both surface-mount and through-hole versions. The AQV25_G3S series products are surface-mount relays, and offer load-voltage ratings of 60V and 100V.

AQV25_G3 Features

  • High-capacity switching
  • Maximum continuous load currents:
    • 3.5A for AQV25_G3
    • 3.3A for AQV25_G3S
  • Low on-resistance
  • High sensitivity


  • Security equipment
  • Fire-prevention systems
  • Industrial machines
  • Thermostats
  • HVAC temperature controls

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