STMicroelectronics — STSAFE-A110 Secure Element

STMicroelectronics STSAFE-A Secure Element

Secure element provides certified solution for asset identification and brand protection

The STSAFE-A110 from STMicroelectronics, part of its STSAFE family of secure elements, enables OEMs to prevent the counterfeiting of genuine products by strictly assuring their authenticity.


The STSAFE-A110 secure element offers state-of-the-art certified protection, and access to secure cloud credentials. This enables device manufacturers to perform mass registration of IoT devices while ensuring that only authorized devices can access online services. This personalization process can be performed at a secure ST factory, simplifying and protecting the handling of secret data in the production of IoT devices.


The STSAFE-A110 includes a secure operating system, and is based on hardware which is certified to Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 5+ (EAL5+). Each unit comes with a unique identification and X.509 certificates, aiding secure connection of IoT devices to cloud computing platforms and other networked services.


Like all the STSAFE products, this secure element includes the most robust technologies for resisting attempts to eavesdrop on, steal, tamper with or corrupt private data. The STSAFE-A110’s security features include:

  • Secure channel establishment with remote host including transport layer security (TLS) handshake
  • Signature verification service for secure boot and firmware upgrades
  • Usage monitoring with secure counters
  • Pairing and secure channel establishment with a host applications processor
  • Wrapping and unwrapping of local host envelopes
  • Symmetric data encryption or decryption with up to 16 keys
  • On-chip key pair generation

The STSAFE-A110 also performs advanced asymmetric cryptography using ECC, ECDSA or ECDH protocols, and symmetric cryptography with protection against logical and physical attacks.


The STSAFE-A110 is integrated with the STM32Cube development ecosystem, so that it can be quickly incorporated in new designs based on an STM32 microcontroller.


  • Unique serial number on each die
  • Active shield against physical intrusion
  • Protection against side-channel attacks
  • 6 kbytes of configurable non-volatile memory
  • I2C interface


  • Consumables
  • IoT devices
  • Smart home products
  • Smart city products
  • Accessories
  • Power-tool batteries
  • Battery chargers
  • Vending machines
  • Farm machinery
  • Environmental sensors

Evaluation Board

Board Part Number: X-NUCLEO-SAFEA1

The X-NUCLEO-SAFEA1 expansion board based on the STSAFE-A110 secure element can be used with any STM32 Nucleo development board. It is supplied with free X-CUBE-SAFEA1 and X-CUBE-SBSFU software packages.


The board includes an HE10 extension connector to mount additional STSAFE devices, and an Arduino UNO R3 connector.

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