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STM8 Series 8 KB Flash 1 KB RAM 16 MHz SMT 8-Bit Microcontroller - TSSOP-20

Product Specification Section
Technical Attributes
Attributes Table
Family Name: STM8S
Core Processor: STM8
Program Memory Type: Flash
Flash Size (Bytes): 8kB
RAM Size: 1kB
Speed: 16MHz
No of I/O Lines: 16
InterfaceType / Connectivity: IrDA/I2C/LIN/SPI/UART/USART
Peripherals: Brown-out Detect/POR/PWM/Reset/Watchdog
Number Of Timers: 7
Supply Voltage: 2.95V to 5.5V
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
On-Chip ADC: 5-chx10-bit
Watchdog Timers: 2
Package Style:  TSSOP-20
Mounting Method: Surface Mount
Features & Applications
The STM8S003F3P6TR is a 8-bit microcontroller offer 8 Kbytes Flash program memory, plus integrated true data EEPROM with performance, robustness, and reduced system cost.

This device integrates true data EEPROM supporting up to 100 000 write/erase cycles, advanced core and peripherals made in a state-of-the art technology, a 16 MHz clock frequency, robust I/Os, independent watchdogs with separate clock source, and a clock security system.


  • Core
    • 16 MHz advanced STM8 core with Harvard architecture and 3-stage pipeline
    • Extended instruction set
  • Memories
    • Program memory: 8 Kbytes Flash; data retention 20 years at 55 °C after 100 cycles
    • RAM: 1 Kbytes
    • Data memory: 128 bytes of true data EEPROM; endurance up to 100 k write/erase cycles
    • Clock, reset and supply management
  • Interrupt management
    • Nexted interrupt controller with 32 interrupts
    • Up to 27 external interrupts on 6 vectors
  • Timers
    • Advanmced control timer: 16-bit, 4 CAPCOM channels, 3 complementary outputs, dead-time insertion and flexible synchronization
    • 16-bit general purpose timer, with 3 CAPCOM channels (IC, OC or PWM)
    • 8-bit basic timer with 8-bit prescaler
    • Auto wakeup timer
  • Communications interfaces
  • Analog to digital converter (ADC)

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20 Weeks
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