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Attributes Table
Application Type Application Development
Core Supported Z8051
Features and Applications

The Z51F3220000ZCO is a Development Kit that provides all of the necessary hardware and software tools to develop your application with the Z51F3220 MCU.

The Z51F3220 is advanced CMOS 8-bit microcontroller with 32k bytes of Flash. This is powerful microcontroller which provides a highly flexible and cost effective solution to many embedded control applications.

This provides the following features : 32k bytes of Flash, 256 bytes of IRAM, 768 bytes of XRAM , general purpose I/O, basic interval timer, watchdog timer, 8/16-bit timer/counter, 16-bit PPG output, 8-bit PWM output, 10-bit PWM output, watch timer, buzzer driving port, SPI, USI, 12-bit A/D converter, LCD driver, on-chip POR, LVR, LVI, on-chip oscillator and clock circuitry. The Z51F3220 also supports power saving modes to reduce power consumption.


  • Z51F3220: U2, 44-pin MQFP chip
  • 3 LEDs: Green (D2), Red (D3) and Yellow (D4) connected to the GPIO pins of the
  • Z51F3220 MCU
  • 1 green LED to indicate USB power: D5
  • 1 red LED to indicate an overcurrent condition: D6
  • 5 pushbuttons:
    • SW1: RESET
    • SW2–SW5: connected to the GPIO pins of the Z51F3220 MCU
  • USB connector: P1
  • OCD connector: J1
  • USB-to-UART interface: U7
  • USB interface providing power and communication to the Board through adjustable LD0: U5
  • Power supply level that can be adjusted with potentiometer R22
  • Overcurrent protection circuit on the Board: U6 and D6
  • External source of reference voltage (2.5 V) for the on-chip ADC: VR1
  • MCU current consumption measurement resistor R7 with test points J4 and J5
  • Buzzer: U1
  • 4-digit, 7-segment LCD panel
  • Test points, headers and prototype area with two footprints

Kit Contains:

  • Z51F3220 Development Board
  • Z8051 USB On-Chip Debugger (OCD)
  • Z8051 OCD Target Cable (10ckt)
  • USB Cable: A (male) to Mini-B Cable
  • Z8051 OCD Software and Documentation CDROM
  • Z51F3220 Development Kit User Manual (UM0243)