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AS3683 EB

Evaluation Board for AS3683 Series Power Charge Pump

Mfr. Name: ams
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Technical Attributes
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Application Type: LED Driver Evaluation
Core Supported: AS3683
Features & Applications

The AS3683 is a low-noise, high-current 1A charge pump designed for camera flash LEDs and LCD backlighting applications. The current sinks are capable of driving up to 960mA of load current.

The AS3683 integrates two independent current source blocks for driving a single flash LED (CURR11 to CURR13) with up to 480mA, and general purpose LEDs (CURR2 to CURR4) with up to 160mA/LED. The general purpose LEDs are controlled individually and can be used for backlighting, but also in support of an RGB funlight or a movie indicator lamp. To meet high-flash current requirements (up to 960mA), both current source blocks can be connected together (CURR11 to CURR13 and CURR2 to CURR4).

The AS3683 utilizes AMS’s patent-pending Intelligent Adaptive Mode Setting (IAMS) to switch between 1:1, 1:1.5, and 1: 2 modes. In combination with very-low-drop-out current sinks, the device achieves high efficiency over the full single-cell Li+ battery voltage range. The charge pump operates at a fixed frequency of 1MHz allowing for tiny external components and its design ensures low EMI and low input-ripple.

Key Features :

  •  High-Power 1A Charge Pump
  • 1:1, 1:1.5, and 1:2 Intelligent Adaptive Mode Setting (IAMS)
  • Efficiency up to 95%
  • Soft Start to Reduce Inrush Current
  • Low-Noise Constant-Frequency Operation
  • Current Sinks
  • 400mA Continuous Current (@VIN = 3.2 to 5V,VOUT = 5V)
  • Up to 960mA Pulsed Flash Current
  • Programmable: 0 to 160mA, 0.625mA Resolution
  • Flexible Brightness Control
  • Three 0 to 160mA LEDs
  • Individually Addressable via I2C Interface
  • 2 Operating Modes
  • Softflash Mode (I2C Interface)
  • Hardflash Mode (Dedicated Control Pins)
  • 2 General Purpose Inputs/Outputs in Softflash Mode
  • Digital Input, Output, and Tristate
  • Programmable Pull-Up and Pull-Down
  • Strobe Pin can be used for Camera Flash Control
  • LED Disconnect in Shutdown
  • Open LED Detection
  • Low Stand-By Current (6µA), Interface Fully Operating
  • Low Shut-Down Current (0.2µA)
  • Wide Battery Supply Range: 3.0 to 5.5V
  • Thermal Protection
  • 24-Pin, Small Form-Factor QFN Package
  • 4 x 4 x 0.85mm, 0.5mm Pitch
  • Enhanced Thermal Characteristics

Application :

  • Lighting management for cameras
  • Mobile telephones
  • PDAs
  • Other 1-cell Li+ or 3-cell NiMH powered devices


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