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AS5304 EB

Evaluation Board for AS5304 Series Linear Encoder

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Technical Attributes
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Application Type: Motion Sensing
Core Supported: AS5304
Features & Applications

The AS5304 is a single-chip IC with integrated Hall elements for measuring linear or rotary motion using multi-pole magnetic strips or rings. This allows the usage of the AS5304 in applications where the Sensor IC cannot be mounted at the end of a rotating device (e.g. at hollow shafts). Instead, the AS5304 is mounted off-axis underneath a multi-pole magnetized ring or strip and provides a quadrature incremental output with 40 pulses per pole period at speeds of up to 20 meters/sec. A single index pulse is generated once for every pole pair at the index output.

The magnet pole pair length is 4.0mm (2.0mm north pole / 2.0mm south pole).

The AS5304A device provides push pull configurations for the A, B and index outputs. The AS5304B device provides open drain configurations for the A, B and index outputs.

The AS5304 is available in a small 20-pin TSSOP package and specified for an operating ambient temperature of -40° to +125°C

Key Features :

  • High speed up to 20m/s
  • Magnetic pole pair length: 4mm
  • Resolution: 25µm
  • 40 pulses / 160 positions per magnetic period
  • 1 index pulse per pole pair
  • Linear movement measurement using multi-pole magnetic strips
  • Circular off-axis movement measurement using multi-pole magnetic rings
  • 4.5V to 5.5V operating voltage
  • Magnetic field strength indicator, magnetic field alarm for end-of-strip or missing magnet

Applications :

The AS5304 is ideal for high speed linear motion and off axis rotation measurement in applications such as

  • Electrical motors
  • X-Y-stages
  • Rotation knobs
  • Industrial drives


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