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Shuttle Board for BMA140 Evaluation (used w/ App Board 0330AB0011 or 0330AB0111)

Mfr. Name: Bosch Sensortec
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Date Code: 1225
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Technical Attributes
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Application Type: Expansion/Daughter Bd
Core Supported: BMA140
Features & Applications
BMA145 expand the Bosch Sensortec product portfolio of MEMS acceleration sensors to five models, allowing customers many options and choices for optimization in their products. Targeted for detecting inclination, motion, shock and vibration over a wide ±4 g measurement range, It implement the advanced micromechanical sensing element which is tried and tested with millions of units already in the field. With three analog outputs this new offering from Bosch Sensortec is especially suitable for more sophisticated applications. Acting as a kind of artificial balance organ, for instance, the sensors detect motion in three dimensions by game controllers or free fall.

Compared to digital sensors, this is where the extra design scope becomes obvious – parallel analog output of measured values as three voltage levels is proportional (ratiometric) to momentarily measured acceleration, offering a maximum of motion data. No integrated analog/digital converters or multiplexer to serialize measured data impacts resolution capability and speed of reaction of this parallel analog signal path. That provides the designer the freedom to use external ADCs, multiplexers and filters exactly attuned to product requirements. In this way specific motion patterns can be detected with extremely high accuracy while unwanted ones are rejected.

In addition to three parallel outputs, BMA145 feature a flexible serial analog output by leveraging an integrated multiplexer. By directing acceleration signals to a single-channel A/D converter, engineers can achieve lower system costs without sacrificing performance. A flexible use of signal outputs makes the two new analog sensors suitable for detecting motion and position in a variety of mobile c

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