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Attributes Table
Application Type Code Development
Core Supported PIC32
Features and Applications

A world class provider of development tools for embedded systems, best known for its high-performance ANSI C compilers featuring the optimizing, whole-program compilation technology, Omniscient Code Generation, HI-TECH Software is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Microchip Technology.

This compiler is part of HI-TECH Software’s suite of compilers supporting Microchip devices (i.e.
PIC10/12/14/16/18/24 MCUs and dsPIC30/33 DSCs). For users of these other compilers there
should be few surprises in terms of usage and the HI-TECH C language additions. Where this
compiler differs from its peers is briefly described below, but is included in greater detail in the user

HI-TECH C compiler for PIC32 MCUs implements the optimizations of Omniscient Code Generation™ (OCG) - a whole-program compilation technology - to provide denser code and better performance for development on PIC32 MCUs


  • Support for all PIC32 MCUs.
  • Can identify inconsistent definitions across modules.
  • Number of Interrupt Handling Schemes.
  • Compiler support for RAM vectors, i.e. ISRs can service different vectors at runtime.
  • Unlimited Memory Usage.
  • Automatically analyzes user assembly and object code files.
  • Eliminates the need for many non-standard C qualifiers and compiler options.
  • Header includes required in each C file (except for the Std C Library).
  • Individual libraries for various optimisation levels and instruction sets.
  • Full C library code source provided.
  • Built-in cycle accurate delay routine.
  • Automatic generation of configuration word.
  • Transparent and direct access to SFR atomic bit operation addresses.
  • C-level access to CP0 Registers.
  • Full or mixed MIPS16 and MIPS32 code allowed.
  • Printf library functionality.
  • Fully integrates into MPLAB® IDE.
  • Compiler message can be displayed in multiple languages.
  • Runs on all platforms: Windows (XP and Vista), Linux and Mac OS X.