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2010 Edition Embedded Systems Conference Solutions Guide

Mfr. Name: Renesas
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Technical Attributes
Attributes Table
Application Type: Code Development
Core Supported: RX Series
Features & Applications
The YRTA-HEWRX-1UL is a High-performance Embedded Workshop provides a GUI-based integrated development environment allows you to use various development tools for application software under a single user interface.The Renesas SH C Compiler is an optimising ANSI C and ANSI C++ compiler for the SuperH embedded RISC microprocessor family. The SH C package includes a compiler, assembler and linker is supplied as part of the High-performance Embedded Workshop IDE.

In addition to full ANSI C support, the compiler provides #pragma language extensions and command-line switches to support target specific features and extended compiler functionality. The SH C compiler has powerful and reliable code generation facilities for SH targets. A variety of optimisation features allow you to generate highly optimised PROMable code. In particular, code can be optimised for size or speed to match the requirements of the particular application being developed.


  • ANSI-compliant:
    • Support C89, C99*, C++ of ANSI * Except for variable length array
  • Superior optimization:
    • Generates a compact code by enhanced optimization (Improved code efficiency by over 30% compared with that of the current Renesas products)
    • Easy optimization settings and many optimization features
  • Cooperated with RX MCU architecture:
    • Supports a high-speed interrupt function (-fint_register option)
    • Provides intrinsic functions
  • Support for easy translation from existing MCUs: 
    • Supports the utilization of software resources for existing M16C and H8S and so on
    • Supports the translation to more compact object for RX smoothly by the compiler options absorbing/reporting compiler-specific language and powerful optimizations
  • Easy-to-use Interface:
    • GUI interface as well as Renesas current compilers for M16C and H8 families
    • Support for coding, building and debugging under the High-performance Embedded Workshop, which has a common look and feel interface for all Renesas MCUs
  • Highly accurate simulator:
    • Possible to evaluate and debug with high accuracy by a variety of debugging functions such as an array of break functions and virtual interrupt function
  • Enhanced support for Real-time OS:
    • The compiler directly calls a service call for OS and generates a high efficient object code by using Real-time OS support functions
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