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Logic Board For Two OLED 52 x 36 Displays

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Mfr. Name: NKK Switches
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Technical Attributes
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Application Type: LCD Solutions
Features & Applications

The LCD 64x32 logic boards are used for mounting LCD 64x32 SmartSwitches or SmartDisplays into panels and system assemblies. The 2 switch versions are also used in the SmartSwitch Dev Kits as demonstration platforms for the SmartSwitch and SmartDisplays.

The application notes should be used in conjunction with the LCD 64x32 data sheet which has the LED, LCD,
and other specifications as well as the timing diagram for the communication. The LCD 64x32 is currently available as 64x32 pushbuttons, 64x32 compact pushbuttons, and 64x32 displays. For the purpose of the application notes these are referred to as SmartSwitch or switch. The switches and displays have 64 varieties of red/green/blue colors for backlighting. For prototyping it is recommended to use the relevant SmartSwitch socket accessory.

Key Features:

  • The LCD 64x32 logic boards are PCB’s that have mount positions for one or more LCD 64x32 Smart Switches or Smart Diplays.
  • The switches/displays can be mounted directly on the logic board or on a socket mounted on the board.
  • One or two switch boards are the most common but logic boards with other configurations are available as well as custom designs.
  • It has some “glue logic” for converting the select lines and switch scanning to serial, and therefore many logic boards can be daisy-chained via 14-pin ribbon cables.
  • The switch numbering is according to their order in the daisy-chain, where the switch number one is on the  connected directly to the controller.

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