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Low-cost AVB (Audio Video Bridging) Audio Endpoint Kit

Product Specification Section
Technical Attributes
Attributes Table
Application Type: Audio Applications
Core Supported: xCORE
Features & Applications

The low-cost AVB Audio Endpoint Reference Design includes all of the necessary hardware and firmware to help get your AVB audio endpoint up and running quickly. In addition, a PC/Windows hosted configuration utility is available to allow stream configuration and setup.

Audio Video Bridging (IEEE 802.1 AVB and IEEE 1722) provides transport for AV streams across mixed-use networks with a very high quality of service. With the rapid growth in adoption of AVB for audio transport, audio endpoint solutions must be low cost and production ready.

XMOS and Attero Tech have jointly developed a solution consisting of the flexible XMOS software-only implementation of AVB audio and a low-cost board supporting up to 8 duplex channels of audio. The low-cost XCore® XS1-L2 dual-core processor is at the heart of the new, commercial-grade reference design and reduces the cost for AVB endpoints by over 50% compared to alternative solutions.


  • XS1-L2 device for low cost
  • Stereo analog audio in/out via 3.5 mm jack or RCA sockets
  • Up to 8 channels via I2S headers
  • Simple sample rate conversion to local clock or high quality clock
  • recovery with PLL
  • GP-IO for buttons/LEDs
  • Expansion header with 12 spare I/O available
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16 Weeks
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