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Evaluation and Application Development with ST7Ultralite

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Mfr. Name: STMicroelectronics
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Technical Attributes
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Application Type: Embedded Control
Core Supported: ST7
Features & Applications
The ST7FUS-SK/RAIS is a complete, ultra low-cost evaluation and development kit that provides a fun and easy introduction to the features of ST’s tiny 8-pin ST7FLITEUS microcontrollers including the internal RC oscillator, 10-bit Analog Digital Converter (ADC), 12-bit Autoreload timer with PWM, Low voltage and Auxiliary voltage detectors.

The Primer comes pre-programmed with the UltraliteMusic software application and plugs directly into a USB port on a host PC. Powered by the USB connection, this light sensor/buzzer application plays five musical selections.

For in-circuit debugging and programming the ST7Ultralite Primer includes the Raisonance uRLink1 in-circuit debugger and programmer, which allows users to run, modify and debug the application code via the USB connection on their PC using the RIDE development environment.

Features :

  • Ready-to-run light sensor/buzzer application:
    • ST7FLITEUS microcontroller
    • Power supply via USB
    • uRLink1 for in-circuit debugging and incircuit programming via USB
  • Raisonance software tools for building, debugging and programming the application:
    • RIDE integrated development environment for complete control of debugging and programming of the application
    • Raisonance C compiler for ST7FLITEUS
    • RIDE project file and application source code (C sources)
    • RBuilder application builder for quick, easy configuration of ST7 peripherals and generation of associated application source code based on the ST7 Software Library
    • RFlasher programming software interface
  • QuickStart for modifying and debugging the application with RIDE in 9 easy steps
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