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Blue 6 Foot Coil Cord Lightweight Adjustable Elastic Wrist Strap

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Mfr. Name: Desco Industries Inc.
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Technical Attributes
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Material: Elastic
Coil Cord: 6 ft
Color: Blue
Features & Applications

Desco is a leading manufacturer of ESD control products for the electronics industry.  With 6  manufacturing locations in the USA,  Desco offers a broad line of products including wrist straps, foot grounders, mats, shielding bags, floor finish, ionization, workstation monitors and test equipment.   

When grounded properly, wrist straps are the most common grounding devices used to control static charges.  Wrist straps safely remove static charge from the operator to protect your ESD susceptible components and products.  The primary cause of static charge generation is people.  ESD susceptible parts and products face their greatest threat from workers handling parts.

Desco refuses to put your product at risk.  Desco wrist straps are hand made using only high quality fabrics and stainless steel materials.  This allows us to control the quality and offer a consistent reliable and offer a consistent reliable product that meets industry as well as UL requirements.

Static charge is produced by the contact and separation of materials: shoes and floors, clothes and the human body, parts being moved on or from surfaces.  The generated charge will reside on the body until it is discharged – the familiar electric shock “zap” that all of us have experienced.  However, one can’t feel a static discharge of less than 3,000 volts.  Some modern semi-conductor components can be damaged by static charges as low at 30 volts!  It’s the heat and light of this “zap” that does the damage.  Properly fitted and grounded wrist straps prevent any static charge from building up so there’s no discharge to your products.  The wrist strap is your first line of defense against ESD.

All Desco wrist straps, when properly worn and grounded, fulfill the requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20, paragraph


Made of  durable, lightweight fabric, Desco's 14810 adjustable wrist strap has silver impregnated nylon knitted on the inside for superior conductivity. Providing both antimicrobial and anti-odor performance, this adjustable wrist strap with locking clasp band will not slip.  This band provides added safety, eliminating chance of providing inappropriate ground path. Safe for use with microelectronics.  A 6' rapid retraction coil cord with 1 megohm resistor is included.
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