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MC Series 13 V/us 44 V SMT Single Supply Operational Amplifier - SOIC-8

Product Specification Section
onsemi MC33071DR2G - Technical Attributes
Attributes Table
Amplifier Type: General Purpose
No of Channels: 1
Slew Rate-Nom: 13V/µs
Input Offset Voltage-Max: 5mV
Gain Bandwidth Product: 4.5MHz
Average Bias Current-Max: 700nA
Supply Voltage: 3V to 44V
Common Mode Rejection Ratio: 97dB
Supply Current: 1.9mA
Power Supply Rejection Ratio: 97dB
Operating Temp Range: -40°C to +85°C
Phase Margin: 60°
Low Noise: 32nV/√Hz
Output Current: 30mA
Moisture Sensitivity Level: 1
Package Style:  SOIC-8
Mounting Method: Surface Mount
Features & Applications
The MC33071DR2G is Single Supply 3.0 V to 44 V Operational Amplifiers.

Quality bipolar fabrication with innovative design concepts are employed for the MC33071/72/74, MC34071/72/74, NCV33072/74A series of monolithic operational amplifiers. This series of operationalamplifiers offer 4.5 MHz of gain bandwidth product, 13 V/µs slew rate and fast settling time without the use of JFET device technology. Although this series can be operated from split supplies, it is particularly suited for single supply operation, since the common mode input voltage range includes ground potential (VEE). With a Darlington input stage, this series exhibits high input resistance, low input offset voltage and high  gain. The all NPN output stage, characterized by no deadband crossover distortion and large output voltage swing, provides high capacitance drive capability, excellent phase and gain margins, low open loop high frequency output impedance and symmetrical source/sink AC frequency response. The MC33071/72/74,   MC34071/72/74, NCV33072/74A series of devices are available in standard or prime performance (A Suffix) grades and are specified over the commercial, industrial/vehicular or military temperature ranges.The complete series of single, dual and quad operational amplifiers are available in plastic DIP, SOIC, QFN and TSSOP surface mount packages.

Key Features:

  • Wide Bandwidth: 4.5 MHz
  • High Slew Rate: 13 V/µs
  • Fast Settling Time: 1.1 µs to 0.1%
  • Wide Single Supply Operation: 3.0 V to 44 V.
  • Wide Input Common Mode Voltage Range: Includes Ground (VEE)
  • Low Input Offset Voltage: 3.0 mV Maximum (A Suffix)
  • Large Output Voltage Swing: −14.7 V to +14 V (with ±15 V Supplies)
  • Large Capacitance Drive Capability: 0 pF to 10,000 pF
  • Low Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.02%
  • Excellent Phase Margin: 60°
  • Excellent Gain Margin: 12 dB
  • Output Short Circuit Protection
  • ESD Diodes/Clamps Provide Input Protection for Dual and Quad
  • Pb−Free Packages are Available


  • Instrumentation and Control
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