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NCP1072 Series 8.6 V 100 kHz 250mA Surface Mount High Voltage Switcher - SOT-223

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Mfr. Name: onsemi
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Date Code: 2335
Product Specification Section
onsemi NCP1072STBT3G - Technical Attributes
Attributes Table
Topology: Switchmode
Input Voltage: 7.8V to 8.6V
Output Current-Max: 250mA
Switching Frequency-Max: 100kHz
Package Style:  SOT-223 (TO-261-4, SC-73)
Mounting Method: Surface Mount
Features & Applications
The NCP1072STBT3G is a fixed frequency current mode controller with a 700 V MOSFET, available in a SOT-223 package.

The NCP1072/5 offers a high level of integration, including soft−start, frequency−jittering, short−circuit protection, skip−cycle, a maximum peak current set point, ramp compensation and a Dynamic Self−Supply (eliminating the need for an auxiliary winding).


  • Built−in 700 V MOSFET with RDS(on) of 11 Ω
  • Large Creepage Distance Between High−voltage Pins
  • Current−Mode Fixed Frequency Operation – 65 / 100 / 130 kHz (NCP1072 130 kHz on demand only)
  • Peak Current: NCP1072 with 250 mA and NCP1075 with 450 mA
  • Fixed Ramp Compensation
  • Skip−Cycle Operation at Low Peak Currents Only: No Acoustic Noise!
  • Dynamic Self−Supply: No Need for an Auxiliary Winding
  • Internal 1 ms Soft−Start
  • Auto−Recovery Output Short Circuit Protection with Timer−Based Detection
  • Auto−Recovery Overvoltage Protection with Auxiliary Winding Operation
  • Frequency Jittering for Better EMI Signature, Including Frequency Foldback Mode
  • No Load Input Consumption < 50 mW
  • Frequency Foldback to Improve Efficiency at Light Load
  • Internal Temperature Shutdown
  • These are Pb−Free Devices


  • Auxiliary / Standby Isolated Power Supplies White Goods / Smart Meter / E−Meter
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