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640 x 240 Resolution 40 kB SRAM 256 Colors Surface Mount TFT Display Controller

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Mfr. Name: Epson Electronics America
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Technical Attributes
Attributes Table
Target LCD Panels: TFT
Display Memory: 40 kB SRAM
Max Colors/Gray Scales: 256 Colors
Max Resolution: 640 x 240
Package Style:  QFP-14-80
Mounting Method: Surface Mount
Features & Applications

The S1D13704 is a color/monochrome LCD graphics controller with an embedded 40K Byte SRAM display buffer.The high integration of the S1D13704 provides a low cost, low power, single chip solution to meet the requirements of embedded markets such as Office Automation equipment, Mobile Communications devices, and Palmsize PCs where board size and battery life are major concerns.

Products requiring a “Portrait” display can take advantage of the Hardware Portrait Mode feature of the S1D13704. Virtual and Split Screen are just some of the display modes supported. The above features, combined with the Operating System independence of the S1D13704, make it the ideal solution for a wide variety of applications.


  • Memory Interface:
    • Embedded 40K byte SRAM display buffer
  • Display Support:
  • 4/8-bit monochrome LCD interface
  • 4/8-bit color LCD interface
  • Single-panel, single-drive passive displays
  • Dual-panel, dual-drive passive displays
  • Active Matrix TFT / TFD interface
  • Register level suport for EL panels
  • Example resolutions:
    • 640x480 at a color depth of 1 bpp
    • 640x240 at a color depth of 2 bpp
    • 320x240 at a color depth of 4 bpp
    • 240x160 at a color depth of 8 bpp
  • Power Down Modes:
  • Hardware and software Suspend modes
  • LCD power-down sequencing Clock Source
  • Single clock input for both pixel and memory clocks
  • The S1D13704 clock source can be internally divided down for a higher frequency clock input
  • Dynamic switching of memory clocks in portrait mode
  • General Purpose IO Pins
  • Five General Purpose Input / Output pins available
  • Operating Voltage
    • 2.7 volts to 5.5 volts
  • Package
    • 80-pin QFP14 surface mount package

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