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MC100EL17 Series 5 V ECL Quad Differential Receiver - SOIC-20

ECAD Model:
Mfr. Name: ON Semiconductor
Standard Pkg:
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Date Code: 1945
Product Specification Section
Technical Attributes
Attributes Table
No of Functions / Channels: 4
Output Characteristics: Differential
Supply Voltage-Nom: 4.2V to 5.7V
Supply Current: 26mA
Propagation Delay: 550ps
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
No of Inputs: 4
No of Outputs: Quad
No of Pins: 20
Moisture Sensitivity Level: 3
Package Style:  SOIC-20W
Mounting Method: Surface Mount
Features & Applications

The MC100EL17 is a low-voltage, quad differential receiver. The device is functionally equivalent to the E116 device Under open input conditions, the D input will be biased at VCC/2 and the D input will be pulled down to VEE. This operation will force the Q output LOW and ensure stability.

The VBB pin, an internally generated voltage supply, is available to this device only. For single-ended input conditions, the unused differential input is connected to VBB as a switching reference voltage. VBB may also rebias AC coupled inputs. When used, decouple VBB and VCC via a 0.01 µF capacitor and limit current sourcing or sinking to 0.5 mA. When not used, VBB should be left open.

Key Features:

  • 325 ps Propagation Delay
  • The 100 Series Contains Temperature Compensation
  • PECL Mode Operating Range: VCC = 4.2 V to 5.7 V with VEE = 0 V
  • NECL Mode Operating Range: VCC = 0 V with VEE = −4.2 V to −5.7 V
  • Internal Input Pulldown Resistors on D Inputs, Pullup and Pulldown Resistors on D Inputs
  • Q Output will Default LOW with Inputs Open or at VEE
  • Pb−Free Packages are Available
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