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SY100ELT22L Series 3.3 V Dual TTL-to-Differential PECL Translator - SOIC-8

Product Specification Section
Technical Attributes
Attributes Table
No of Channels: 2
Input Type: TTL
Output Type: PECL
Supply Voltage: 3V to 3.8V
Supply Current: -30mA to +50mA
Propagation Delay: 300ps
Operating Temp Range: -40°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature Range: -65°C to +150°C
Package Style:  SOIC-8
Mounting Method: Surface Mount
Features & Applications
The SY100ELT22LZG TR is a part of SY10/100ELT22L series dual TTL-to-differntial translator with +3.3V power supply, its compatible with positive ECL 100K logic level. Operating temprature ranges from -40 C to +85 C and its available in SOIC-8 package.

The small outline 8-lead SOIC package and the low skew, dual gate design of the ELT22L makes it ideal for applications which require the tranlation of a clock and a data signal.


  • 3.3V power supply
  • 300ps typical propagation delay
  • <100ps output-to-output skew
  • Differntial PECL outputs
  • PNP TTL inputs for minimal loading
  • Flow-through pinouts

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Pricing Section
Web Price:
$8.62 USD Each
Cost Per Unit

$7.00 reeling fee is amortized over the number of components for each reel.
Mini-Reels are a custom product and are non-cancelable and non-returnable.